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Why I decided to take more care of my face.

As a professional makeup artist, I do a lot of makeup on myself and others every day. This takes a lot of effort from my skin and exposes it to various factors that can irritate, dry and age it. That is why I take care of it the best I can, using only proven facial products. I recommend them to anyone who wants to keep their skin looking healthy, whether they paint often or not. These products regenerate the skin and also help fight wrinkles. These are products that I trust and recommend wholeheartedly. This is not only my job, but also my passion.

Washing the face with cold or lukewarm water has many benefits for the skin. Not only is cold or lukewarm water gentler on the skin than hot water, but it also helps retain moisture and natural oils in the skin, which protect it from wrinkles. Cold or lukewarm water can also stimulate blood circulation in the skin, which improves skin nutrition and oxygenation. In addition, cold or lukewarm water can reduce swelling and redness of the skin, as it constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation. Cold or lukewarm water can also help clear skin pores and prevent pimples and blackheads. Remember that washing your face with cold or lukewarm water is a simple way to delay the appearance of wrinkles and keep your skin looking young.

Facial massage is not only a pleasant way to relax and unwind, but also to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Facial massage involves stimulating acupressure points on the face, neck and shoulders, using creams, oils or special tools such as a face roller or flat gua sha paddle. Facial massage helps stimulate blood, lymph and oxygen circulation in the skin, resulting in better nourishment, hydration and regeneration. You can find sonic massagers in our store. This type of massager will help deepen the absorption of cosmetics into the face, or wash it more thoroughly. In addition to sonic massagers, you can massage your face with a stone such as gua sha. Its shape can adapt well to the facial features.

Your face is your business card. It is what shows the world who you are, how you feel and how you are. That is why it is worth taking care of it, regardless of your age. It does not matter if you are 20, 40 or 60 - your skin deserves care and attention. In our store you will find everything you need to take care of your complexion and improve your appearance. All of them are easy to use, safe and effective. All you need is a few minutes a day - because taking care of yourself is the best investment.